1. We are the cover story of Lake Champlain Weekly.

    Click here to read the full article about tonight performance of Rebecca Kelly Ballet at Lake Placid Center for the Arts.

  2. About to leave for Rebecca Kelly Ballet's residency at Lake Placid Center for the Arts.

    Nile and I flying over the lake.

    Photo by Robin Cantrell

  3. New video with Uselessness Project!


  4. Last chance to see CLD is tonight!

    See what Philip Gardner wrote about us.

  5. Excited to be performing with Cherylyn Lavagnino Dance tomorrow, Friday and Saturday at Saint Mark’s Church.

    This is my first season with the company.

    Get your tickets!

    photo by Travis Magee.

  6. Roberta Mosca, former dancer with The Forsythe Company, is organizing the festival Biarteca in Biella area (my hometown). They need your support.

  7. Performing with Rebecca Kelly Ballet tonight. 

    photo by Todd Bissonette.

    find info here.

  8. the latest Uselessness Project video is about the color brown.


    (Source: uselessnessproject)

  9. Excited to start working with Gabrielle Lamb again.

    Photo by Kokyat

  10. This was my first time dancing with Rebecca Kelly Ballet in 2008.

    We are now working on the creation of a new work. Check out our Kickstarter campaign.